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May 24, 2012

China Is a Black Box of Misinformation

By Junheng Li May 23, 2012 4:00 PM PT
To this day, many Chinese people believe that Mao Zedong didn’t know millions of people were starving in the Great Leap Forward.

Apr 11, 2012

Benzinga Q&A: Matt Wiechert of Glaucus Research

By Gordon Wilcox. By now, investors are familiar with the controversies swirling around the Chinese small and mid cap universe. In the last 18 months, a significant number publicly-listed Chinese companies have found themselves the subject of scrutiny by investors, auditors, plaintiffs’ attorneys and regulators for everything from questionable accounting practices to suspicious related party transactions. Often, short-biased research firms have been instrumental in exposing fraudulent behavior on the part of unscrupulous management teams.

Feb 7, 2012

NASDAQ Halts China Medical Technologies, Inc.

NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The NASDAQ Stock Market® (Nasdaq:NDAQ) announced that trading was halted today in China Medical Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:CMED) at 09:18:57 a.m., Eastern Time, for “additional information requested” from the company at a last price of $1.82.

Sep 8, 2011

SEC Files Subpoena Enforcement Action Against Deloitte & Touche in Shanghai

Washington, D.C., Sept. 8, 2011 – The Securities and Exchange Commission today filed a subpoena enforcement action against Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA Ltd. for failing to produce documents related to the SEC’s investigation into possible fraud by the Shanghai-based public accounting firm’s longtime client Longtop Financial Technologies Limited.

Aug 2, 2011

Reuters Special Report: China’s shortcut to Wall Street

SHELL GAMES: A Reuters Investigation
By Nanette Byrnes and Lynnley Browning

Jun 21, 2011

Glaucus Research Interview with China Stock Short Sees Systemic Fraud

Our Director of Research, Matthew Wiechert, is interviewed by Scott Eden from

Apr 4, 2011

Speech by SEC Commissioner: Facilitating Real Capital Formation

by Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar

Mar 6, 2011

With China Small-Caps, It’s Shorts vs. Auditors

by Gary Weiss

Dec 22, 2010

SEC’s Smart Step at Fighting China Fraud

by Eric Jackson

Dec 21, 2010

SEC Probes China Stock Fraud Network

by Scott Eden